Family Medicine Residency

Mountainside Medical Center

Family Practice Group

Quality patient care and superior training

At the HackensackUMC Mountainside Family Practice Group, our mission is to educate present and future health profession members while delivering high-quality, cost-effective care to the communities we serve.

With a focus on improving and enhancing our patients’ physical and emotional well-being, we offer a full residency approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) that leads to board-eligibility in the specialty of Family Medicine. Our graduates aren’t just great doctors – they’re leaders in Family Medicine and in their communities.

The Mountainside Medical Center Family Practice Group, one of three residency programs at our hospital, provides unmatched learning opportunities for residents and a chance to fully prepare for the current and future healthcare environments. Currently six positions are available for first year, six for second year and six for third year residents.

For more information, please contact our Residency Coordinator at (973) 259-3578 or email

A superb education in a wonderful setting

Our personalized approach to education allows our residents to obtain in-depth knowledge of family medicine while supporting their individual interests and needs. Through our affiliations with the Hackensack University Medical Center and Rutgers Medical School (formally UMDNJ), residents at the Mountainside Family Practice Group become intimately involved in:

  • Academically challenging rotations
  • Research and scholarly activity
  • Assessing and treating patients within the context of their families
  • Understanding the impact of patients' psychosocial issues on their overall health and well-being
  • Teaching medical students and junior residents
  • Providing educational and medical services to children, adults and geriatrics in the community
  • Employing real-world practice management skills in the Family Practice Center

A supportive and caring environment for great training

Our educational philosophy encompasses the belief that learning best occurs in a supportive environment geared to adult learners. At the Mountainside Medical Center Family Practice Group, residents and faculty are a close-knit group that works collaboratively for the benefit of patients, the community and each resident’s professional growth.

We begin our commitment to individualized educational programming with a two-week orientation program. During that time, we help residents evaluate their strengths, weaknesses and learning style as they begin their residency. This helps us collaboratively develop an individualized program for each resident to optimize their residency experience. To ensure continued professional growth, a faculty advisor is assigned to each resident as a mentor. The advisor provides ongoing support and feedback along with emphasizing long-term individual learning goals and objectives. This helps ensure that each resident’s educational needs are met and that everyone has accomplished their academic goals upon graduation.

To benefit patients, residents receive up-to-date, ongoing evidence-based precepting geared to their knowledge and skill level. Each resident also receives timely and continuous feedback through video observation, videotaping and a real-time competency-based electronic evaluation system.

Emphasis on community and home visits

To increase community medicine skills and community commitment, residents are also regularly involved in providing screenings, educational programs and medical services to our local departments of health, nursing homes, universities and public schools. We also have an active home visit program for homebound patients who are unable to see a physician in the office.

For more information, please contact our Residency Coordinator at (973) 259-3578 or email