Resident Life

Montclair is a community that prides itself on ethnic and cultural diversity and its population includes young families, professionals and college students who've migrated to the town, as well as lifelong residents and multi-generational families. Montclair offers quiet suburban living with various local arts and cultural activities coupled with convenient access to New York City (a trip that's approx. 30 minutes. by car or mass transit). In fact, New York magazine has deemed Montclair "a cultural oasis" and one of the best suburbs in the metro NYC area.

In downtown Montclair, you'll find quaint boutiques, independent bookstores, museums, art galleries and antique shops, cafes and theatres all within walking distance of each other. Dozens of restaurants offer a choice of diverse international cuisines, fine dining and comfortable, casual spots. There's also an annual JazzFest and the Montclair Film Fest which attracts renowned members of the entertainment industry. Additionally, the greater Montclair area has many professional sports and entertainment venues and numerous universities that offer educational and cultural activities.

If you prefer the great outdoors, there are many local parks and nature reservations to choose from and both the Jersey Shore and Pocono Mountains are close enough for day or weekend trips.