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A Message from the Program Director

Aneta Wojcik, DDS, MA

Program Director, Division of Dentistry & General Practice Residency


Welcome to the Mountainside Medical Center Dental General Practice Residency website which features pages that describe our academic and didactic programs and provide an understanding of our learning environment.

The goal of our program is to prepare you to be a well-rounded dentist with a broad scope of medical knowledge, adept at evaluating and managing patients of all ages. In fact, you will learn timely and relevant skills such as how to safely treat patients as they age and their medical profiles become more complex.

We offer a dynamic learning atmosphere where you’ll interact with our hospital’s Internal Medicine and Family Medicine residents on an ongoing, meaningful basis and participate in joint learning initiatives.

While practicing within our residency, there will be many opportunities to hone your clinical skills and complete complex dental procedures under the guidance of experienced dentists.  You will be working in our modern outpatient facility and you’ll gain valuable experience in the operating room, as well, with both experienced dental surgeons and anesthesiologists present.

Our didactic sessions are conducted at a post-graduate level and assume a base of knowledge from your dental school education.  All dental specialties will be covered in addition to treatment planning, implant treatment planning, literature review and outcomes conferences, a tool that will help to develop both your academic and clinical mastery of dentistry.

Residency is a pivotal and rewarding time of professional and personal growth for every dentist.  I look forward to sharing your residency experience with you and providing you with a strong foundation for a long and successful career in dentistry.



Aneta Wojcik, DDS, MA

Program Director,
Division of Dentistry & General Practice Residency


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